Lemme Tell Ya.

How are you? I'm fine.

So, for as long as I was aware of the internet and website domains, I'm tried (in vain) to acquire www.jeph.com. Who knew there was at least one more Jeph on the planet?
Not I.
Each year since then, I've looked at the new suffixes. The day I read that there'd be a .wtf domain extension, I danced my dextrous digits across the keyboard and found that jeph.wtf was potentially mine. Sixteen numbers on a credit card entered, and voila! Here we are.

The point of this entire project is to reach friends and family with the widest net possible. Some are on FaceBook. Others: Instagram. A few: Twitter, Pinterest, Parler, MeWe and---none of the above. Call-Y'all would be, had I the time and money, the name of the social media site I'd create. No ads. Easily navigated. TONS AND TONS AND TONS of private security. Or secure privacy. Both.

On some level, having one's own website is the very height of narcissism. See? The very fact that I'm thinking about ME proves my point. So I'll promise that most of what I include here will be about you, other people, things I find interesting (or evoking of other reactions and emotions) and want to share 'em with you, and listen to what you want to say, too.

You are welcome to